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Spring Semester in Review - Community Service Day

As we continue in our series of spring happenings here at Lutheran East, the next event we want to highlight is our annual service day.  The Lutheran East Service day is a special time each spring where our students go into the community to spread the Word of God and act it out by serving those in need.  What most encouraging each year is to see the freshman class go from being hesitant about serving to being joyful and excited to serve. Service day truly is a time when the school comes together as a family.  Upperclassmen encourage underclassmen to do their best and to be an excellent representation of Lutheran East in the community.

Our day began with a chapel time of worship and prayer that we might accomplish the Lord’s will as He would have it done.  Chapel was a time to join in prayer and to be charged up for service. The day really would not be a success without first committing it to God for His blessing. 

After chapel, we traveled to 15 sites:  The Cleveland Foodbank, Aspinwall Church, Pins, Needles and Tie Dye, Habitat Re-Store, Medwish, The Holden Arboretum, St. Peter Lutheran Church, St. John South Euclid, St. John Nottingham, Peace Cleveland Heights Lutheran Church, Christ the King Vineyard Church, Trinity Cleveland Lutheran Church, Fairfax Learning Gardens, Buckeye Learning Farm, and Maple Heights City Council.  We reached both the east and west sides of Cleveland performing various tasks such as: planting, sorting, painting, raking, mulching and much more!

Upon returning tired, but happy there was an ice cream social time sponsored by the Lutheran East Student Council.  Ms. Jabs and her assistants did a wonderful job of supplying a much-needed refreshment. It was also a time for students to bond and reflect on the good things they had done for the day.  Everyone, students and faculty, went home for the weekend with a tremendous joy in their hearts. It was the kind of joy you only have when you do God’s work.

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