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Spring Semester In Review Part 1

The “spring” semester sure seemed like a lot of winter this year!  It is May, and we are still waiting to see actual leaves on the trees.  Thankfully, this is not the situation inside of Lutheran East. 2018 has been a year of blooming for Lutheran East with our basketball boys’ team going to compete at the state championship once again to our drama class performing a beautifully done three-act murder mystery.  This series is called Spring Semester in Review.  A total of 4 installments are planned over the next few weeks of May as school is in its last month.

For this installment, we are going to focus on the Black History Month Program.  In February, the Life Everlasting Gospel Choir, the Drama Class, and the Art Department  joined to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. The Drama Class performed a readers’ theater play that focused on Martin as he grew up and grew into a leader.  It took place in a museum where all of the most important events were commemorated: The Selma March, The Black Panthers, The Voter Drive, The KKK’s futile resistance, and more were in the imagined museum.  It was a deeply personal look at a well-known figure. The Life Everlasting Choir performed music that coupled with the play. The music served as an interlude between scenes. The choir’s music was also deeply powerful in helping to commemorate the events that brought inequalities of African Americans to light.  In addition to the choir and the Drama Class, the Art Department contributed with photographs and paintings that served as props and a backdrop to what the Drama Class was performing. During the event, students were involved with discussion questions that they could take back to their English and History Classes to discuss with their peers.  We are proud to have produced what is probably one of the best programs in recent history as it involved the Fine Arts Department as well as the student body at large. It was a seamless inclusion of every student. It was educational and entertaining, while at the same time it was thought-provoking.

As our first major event of the 2018 year, this program was truly amazing.  It was a display of the various talents of so many students at Lutheran East.  This was a time to leave the traditional classroom to display their talents in the fine arts arena.  God has truly blessed our school with so many young people who have so many talents. The next installment on our group of students who went to the Dominican Republic will showcase yet another way that our students bless the world community.

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